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lower back pain - Lumbago

It is understood to mean pain in the lower section of the spine, which can occur in the middle of the lumbar spine or in the lower area laterally (ISG) and can also cause significant movement blockages.

For many of those affected, this is a brief episode that subsides on its own – it is still important to exercise and not to “invalidate” yourself.

For some people, the pain lasts for weeks or longer, then it is necessary and sensible to start a precise examination and imaging (X-ray, CT or MR) and targeted treatments.


  • degeneration of the intervertebral disc and vertebral joints,
  • Vertebral displacements – listhesis (forward or backward displacement), scoliosis (sideways displacement)
  • Instability – loosening of the vertebrae relative to each other Vertebral fractures – osteoporosis, accident,
  • tumor 25% osteoarthritis of the sacroiliac joint (ileo-sacral joint ISG)
  • infections

Dr. Helmut Hiertz